Oral surgery is a surgical procedure performed in the oral cavity (teeth, mucosa and accessory tissues) to fix or remove pathological anatomical elements.

Dr Holmes Ortega

Specialists in Surgery

 At the head of the medical team is Dr. Holmes Ortega Mejia, an outstanding surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. Specialist in Implantology, advanced oral surgery and rescue surgery. In addition, he has been a professor of the Oral Master of the University of Seville, adjunct professor of the Master of Oral Implantology at the University of Barcelona, director of surgical courses in several countries, among which are: Portugal, Egypt and Spain.



Oral surgery is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of problems and conditions related to the mouth, teeth, jaws and surrounding soft tissues. It is a branch of dentistry that addresses functional like aesthetic aspects,and is used to treat a wide range of conditions, from complicated tooth extractions to maxillofacial reconstructive procedures.

Some of the most common procedures may be:

  • Tooth extraction: It is performed when a tooth is too damaged or infected to be repaired, in cases of impacted teeth or when space is needed to align teeth in orthodontics.

  • Orthognathic surgery: This type of surgery is performed to correct malformations or deformities of the upper and lower jaws. It may involve the repositioning or adjustment of the jaw bones to improve bite, facial appearance and function.

  • Biopsies of oral tissues: When oral lesions or diseases such as cysts, tumors or precancerous lesions are suspected, biopsies may be performed to obtain a tissue sample and make an accurate diagnosis.

  • Treatment of traumatic injuries: Oral surgery also addresses traumatic injuries to the mouth and face, such as facial fractures, broken jaw bones or soft tissue injuries. Surgical repairs are performed to restore function and esthetics.

Which treatment is best for me?

When talking about mouth surgery, many factors come into play when deciding which treatment is most convenient for each case, that is why we have specialists who will explain and help you understand which procedure is best for your case. 

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Dr Holmes Ortega Mejías

Dr Holmes Ortega Mejías

Leading the team of specialists

He works at the head of the team of specialists

With more than 20 years of experience, he is passionate about his work. He has developed his activity as a professor in several universities, gives advanced training in surgery and is a reference at international level. 

Specialized professionals

We are proud that our team is made up of specialists who are highly qualified, combined with years of experience.

We work in coordination

We offer comprehensive treatments. Our team of professionals jointly assesses the best options to make your smile perfect.

Teaching and continuing education

Dr. Holmes Ortega has international recognition. Both for his academic work, as well as for his lectures on advanced surgery.


The ultimate goal of every treatment is for you to enjoy the smile you have always dreamed of. The whole team is committed to each patient until the objectives are achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Surgery

These are some of the doubts and questions that our patients usually ask us about orthodontic treatments.

What care should a patient receive after oral surgery?

The most important thing is to take the medication and comply with the compression care and eating habits indicated by the clinic after the operation.

It is very important to comply exactly with the indications following oral surgery, the outcome of the surgery depends very much on complying with these few, but useful instructions.

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