Missing teeth are not just a problem that affects your image. Over time, you will have difficulty chewing or pronouncing normally and, in addition, the resorption of the dental bone will be inevitable. But all this can be solved with a dental implant.

Dr Holmes Ortega

we can place implants when there is no bone at all


The loss of teeth causes excessive displacements and loads, thus also endangering their survival. Therefore, due to the lack of a single tooth, the entire dentition is affected.

A dental implant is a treatment option used to replace missing teeth.It consists of a small screw that is surgically placed into the bone, where it acts as an artificial root.

Dr Holmes Ortega has more than 24 years performing this type of treatments, thanks to his experience and studies, he has become a professor and speaker, so he has been a point of reference for professionals from different parts of the world.

Advantages of implants



  • Increased comfort and safety
  • Improve your appetite and diet
  • Predictable and successful procedure
  • A long-term solution for the replacement of missing teeth
  • This preserves the natural structure of the teeth and helps to maintain the health of the teeth.
  • The result is an esthetically natural smile.
  • This allows an efficient and comfortable chewing function, similar to that of natural teeth.

Thanks to the specialization of our dental implantologists, it is possible to carry out very advanced techniques and treatments that are not available in other clinics due to the high qualification required. For example, guided surgery or immediate load implants.

Thus, you will recover your teeth in one day.

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Why do our customers choose us? 

Dr Holmes Ortega Mejías

Dr Holmes Ortega Mejías

Leading the team of specialists

He works at the head of the team of specialists

With more than 20 years of experience, he is passionate about his work. He has developed his activity as a professor in several universities, gives advanced training in surgery and is a reference at international level. 

Specialized professionals

We are proud that our team is made up of specialists who are highly qualified, combined with years of experience.

We work in coordination

We offer comprehensive treatments. Our team of professionals jointly assesses the best options to make your smile perfect.

Teaching and continuing education

Dr. Holmes Ortega has international recognition. Both for his academic work, as well as for his lectures on advanced surgery.


The ultimate goal of every treatment is for you to enjoy the smile you have always dreamed of. The whole team is committed to each patient until the objectives are achieved.

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